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Mini-Redundant power supply 300w-1000w (300w~550w 1+1 / 550w up N+1)

PRA500MV datasheet (178k)
PRA550MV datasheet (264k)
Specification Comparison
ITEM +5v +3.3v +12v +5vSB -5v -12v +5v&+3.3v total Total power SAFETY


25A 20A 35A 3A 0.5A 0.5A 45A 450W UL TUV CB CE CCC
PRA500MV 30A 25A 40A 3A 0.5A 0.5A 40A 500W UL TUV CB CE CCC
PRA550MV 30A 25A 42A 3A 0.5A 0.5A 40A 550W UL TUV CB CE CCC
PRA840MV 86A 58A 30A 3A 2A 2A 86A 840W UL TUV CB CE CCC
PRA1000MV 86A 64A 54A 3A 2A 2A 90A 1000W UL TUV CB CE CCC


*Input Specifications

Input Voltage 90~240Vac ± 10% / Active PFC
Current 7A per module
Frequency Full Range 47~63 Hz
Inrush Current 100A max per module @25C cold star
Efficiency 74%
Leakage Current <3.5mA per module
Hold-Up Time 16msec (minimum) at full load, nominal line I/P
Transient Overshoot 10% max with 20% load change
Remote ON/OFF Remote Sensor on +5v & +3.3V
Power Good Delay 100~500 msec
Power Fail >1 msec
Rise Time 100ms max at full load
Power Up Time 600ms max at full load. (2000ms max Active PFC)


Protection Specifications

Short Circuit All output to GND
Over Power 150%
Over Voltage +3.3V output 4.10V +/-0.40V
  +5.0V output 6.25V+/- 0.75V
  +12.0V output 14.6V+/- 1.00V


Dielectric Withstand Voltage

Primary to Secondary 1500Vac for 1 minute or 1800Vac for 1 second
Primary to Earth GND 1500Vac for 1 minute or 1800Vac for 1 second
Insulation Resistance Primary to earth ground ¨C 500Vdc, 50M¦¸


Conducted EMI

Meet FCC Class A,115Vac operation
Meet CISPR22 Class A,230Vac operation


Power connection

24Pin 1
8Pin 1
4Pin 1
6Pin 1
Molex 8
Floppy 2
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