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Founded in 1988, on the concept that there would be a strong market for higher quality, attractive computer case at a reasonable price. A great amount of information was gathered about what was concern and demand, disliked and how integrators would like the product designed to make their job easier. A small factory was built, and a painstaking process of designing a omputer case that was not ordinary began.
With a great emphasis on research and development, improvement has always been made, based on the constantly evolving industry.
Marketing Strategy:
Our goal was to have controlled growth, keeping tight control on quality and our customers everchanging needs. Casepro's expansion has constant, but controlled. We view our relationship with our customers as a critical part in our success. Dedicated to being a partner in our customer's success.
Product Development:
In the business world there are two different kinds of companies, those who create products for the market, and those who simply change existing products. Casepro has always created products, and then modified them as the market changed. Keeping our products on the cutting edge of technology has made Casepro the standard by which others follow.




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