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Industrial Chassis Manufacturer
CASEPRO focus on Rack mount industrial chassis design and manufacture in China with over 10 years professional experience.We provide hi-quality 19 inch Rackmount server chassis,blade chassis and enclosures with 1U,1.3U,1.5U,2U,3U,4U,5U,6U. And the accessories as sliding rails,riser card,storage kit, industrial powersupply,with great flexibility and shortest lead-time.We could customise chassis as your need and enhance the product's competition with lower cost.We can help you design and manufacture with wide range of custom solutions available.

OEM/ODM are welcome by our high quality,quick design and delivery!

No Minimum order for our standard products! 

"Creative"design+"Made in TW"quality+"Made in China"price


Feature Products

KI-N125: 1U Most Compact rackmount / desktop / Mini-ITX chassis Hot!

KI-B9ITX: 5U  blade chassis / Support 9pcs mini-itx blade


KI-N240L: 2U High quality 6mm aluminum front panel chassis,1*5.25+4*3.5 Very hot!

KI-N125D: 1U Most Compact rackmount / desktop / Mini-ITX / Support 5.25" Space Hot!


KI-N323: 3U 15"depth,max 2x5.25"+6x3.5", ATX chassis

KI-N475LTKB: 4U Touch LCD screen with keyboard and trackball

KI-N402: 4U Ultra compact I/O infront,ATX M/B

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