PCI- Express 4X Riser Card 90-Degree


Motherboard Size




  • PCB board design for high-frequency impedance. High precision machine soldered 4-layer PCB with gold-plating for transmission stability.for the best conductivity and good electrical performance.Resistance to pull and plug.Ensure that the signal is stable at full speed without attenuation.
  • EASY INSTALL The PCI-E 4X Extender no jumper settings.no driver software programs are required.
  • INSTALLATION METHODThe PCI-Express 4X Riser Card makes the PCI-Express Card away from motherboard , with the PCI-Express socket directly in line with the socket on the motherboard .It is the right angle riser for the PCI Express X4 buses. The connector is soldered on the component side (B side) of the board. When an I/O board is inserted, the component side of the I/O board will face down, towards the motherboard.